Good One Pepsi

Let the soda wars begin.


Pepsi’s Halloween advertisement was quite the audacious move and had many people talking. This year Pepsi put out a Halloween advertisement in which the can of Pepsi wore a costume. The can was dressed as a can of Coca Cola, but you could still see the Pepsi label peeking through. The photo was captioned, “We wish you a scary Halloween!”

It’s interesting to see how two competing brands can get cheeky with one another. This was a very simple picture, just a can of soda dressed as another soda in front of an outdoor background (looks like a rocks). However, what exactly was Pepsi trying to say?


I think the idea behind this ad was to depict Coca Cola as the ‘scarier’ soda option. They were trying to play on the idea of Pepsi being the better choice in which they can joke around in being the scarier option by putting on a Coca Cola cape. It takes a great deal of confidence from such a big brand to mess with another prominent brand in an ad campaign. Just like the television industry (or even more so), the Internet also has an enormous impact in today’s society. This ad went viral all over Twitter and Facebook within just a few hours, reaching well over 300,000 views. It was a simple image, but executed brilliantly.

 Aren’t we seeing a lawsuit here, what about copyright infringement? Pepsi can’t get away with this?

But on the contrary, they can. The people at Pepsi aren’t foolish; they knew exactly what they were doing. Something I didn’t pick up on when I first looked at this ad, were the details of the costume. If you look back at the ad you will see that while it looks exactly like the Coca Cola label, it actually reads, “Cola Coca.” A simple switch of letters can help avoid some major copyright and legal issues. Pepsi clearly and cleverly dodged a bullet there.

Now some people see this as a brilliant move on behalf of the Pepsi brand, other may look at it another way. Pepsi is seen wearing a cape like superheroes do. So some people may see this as insinuating that Pepsi is trying to be a superhero like Coca Cola. It can go either way so it’s up to you to decide.

Regardless of how you look at this ad, it is still a bold public relations move and incites great competition. Both brands get a great deal of visibility and publicity out of it. Whether that be good or bad, it’s interesting to watch from the outside. Good one Pepsi.


-A. Parra


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